Automatically send Gravity Forms contacts to your Drip account with the official Drip WordPress Plugin

Key Takeaways:

  • Stop using Zapier
  • Use the free Drip WordPress Plugin
  • Setup your customs fields without space

Style Gravity forms for Divi Theme

If you want to know how to make Gravity forms looks good with the Divi template, check this article.

NOTE: Since this article I’ve moved from Drip to Active Campaign. I was already using AC with different clients, but what Drip have done to its customers was definitely not nice. You can read a complete article from Brennan Dunn (which was probably the biggest promoter of Drip, before). Brennan move to convert kit (which I don’t like that much) and explain what’s up with Drip behaviors in this article.

I’m a HUGE fan of Drip and I use Gravity Forms forever. It’s the most powerful WordPress forms plugin available, and the team at Rocketgenius do a great job to keep it up and running with every new WordPress release. I use Gravity Forms on every of my websites and on my client’s websites as well. It’s obviously way more than just a simple forms plugin. You can use it to register your WordPress member (that what we do here to give you access to our free Divi templates area). You can use it as polls, as an order form, to book an event, to get an estimate etc… The possibility is endless.

Ok, that being said, usually I like to connect my Gravity Forms to my Drip account, getting the email of my customers to a campaign or an automation and normally in order to do that you need to install the Gravity Forms Zapier addon the in Zapier connect your form with your Drip and every time a new visitor use the form, Zapier will fire and send it to your Drip. Yay!

Zapier Drip & Gravity Forms Zap

That what I was doing. Then I rich my maximum of Zap with only Gravity Forms to Drip Zap… And I was reluctant to upgrade just because of that. I think you have much better ways to use Zapier than a simple Gravity Forms to Drip Zap. So I started looking for an alternative, as Gravity Forms as not yet an official Drip addon.

And I’ve found the official (free) Drip Gravity Forms WordPress plugin that does exactly that! Once activated you just need to add your API token:

Official WordPress Drip Plugin

Then edit your form > form setting to add a new Drip feed:

Official WordPress Drip Plugin

And finally select your Drip account if you have several and the action you want to perform and you are good to go!

Official WordPress Drip Plugin

Now careful with the customs fields if you use them! Drip does not accept blank space in a custom field and the plugin wouldn’t trigger an alert. It’s just not going to work. It got me thinking that the plugin wasn’t working for a long time until someone on the Facebook Drip group noticed that my Drip custom fields were: First Name and not First_Name and that what caused the bug. So, be careful with that ;).

Alright, I hope this will help you to use Gravity Forms and Drip without using all your Zap.

About the author

Hey I’m Lesly,  a French web designer , full time traveler and WordPress enthousiat since version 0.1. I write about design, security and speed mostly. On the side I’m also the co-founder of Learn Watercolors.

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